Earth oven building workshops




Thank you very much for a very enjoyable and informative weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end and thought it was a really good mixture of valuable and detailed information, hands-on experience and ‘reaping the benefits’ by cooking a little of the food that can be cooked at home. A leisurely, relaxed pace, and still we got it all done!


The venue was lovely and totally practical for our purpose too. The food was excellent on both days, the bread making lesson and ‘starter kit’ an unexpected bonus.


I hope you enjoyed working with us too!


Sabine, Sussex




About 4 years ago I helped my son’s class at the Waldorf Steiner School in Hereford with building an earth oven. I was so fascinated by the whole process that I decided to attend a weekend course with Richard Scadding in Wales to learn how to build one myself.


The first thing I noted (apart from the beautiful location!) was the very relaxed atmosphere, friendly reception and warming energy.


There was a clear structure throughout the whole weekend with easy to follow steps on how to tackle building the oven. Mixing the sand and clay with our feet turned into some interesting dancing!


The lunch provided was absolutely delicious and I have to say that, although I am not normally a fan of pizza, the ones baked in the earth oven have converted me!


I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and would recommend it highly to anybody who is interested in going back to some basics in life, which involve the earth and soul. It is a fantastic thing to do with the whole family and children of all ages. The process is one of enjoyment and I can assure you that food cooked in an earth oven not only tastes divine but has pure soul!


Edwin, Worcestershire